This is a list of vehicles that have appeared in the Battle Bears series.



A Pelican't in BB-1

The Pelican't is a dark green ship, with four engines on the sides of the vehicle. The ship has a rear door that opens when the bears have landed.

You can see it in Battle Bears -1, Battle Bears Gold, Battle Bears: Zombies and Battle Bears Comics . It seems to be a pun from the ship Pelican in the Halo series.

Tutorial Pelican

Tutorial Pelican't

The Pelican't appears frequently in Battle Bears Gold. For example, the player is in a Pelican't when he is waiting for the match. In No Bear's Land , there are two downed Pelican'ts at the sides of the stage. There is also a Pelican't in the Tutorial. Interestingly, if one uses a Huggable and glitches deep into the H.I.P. Test Lab stage, there is a Pelican't hidden somewhere deep within the walls.

2012-11-29 19.25.08

Graham waiting on the Pelican't

Land Vehicle

Land Veichle

This unnamed land vehicle appears only once in a Battle Bears Zero cutscene, when Riggs with some soldiers penetrate the landing base of the Ursa Major . It has the same color of the Pelican't, with four normal wheels and an aerodynamic body with a turret, probably automatic, on the top. It is the second land vehicle that has appeared in Battle Bears games; the first one being Oliver's Wagon. It is probably another Halo reference, to the land vehicle "Warthog" in the Halo series.

Oliver's Wagon

Oliver's Wagon is a regular wooden wagon with 4 wheels and is pulled by unicorns. In Battle Bears:Zombies, a wheel snaps causing the rest of the wagon to crash, and destroying it. Oliver's unicorns are killed by being stabbed by each others' horns.

Oliver's wagon, before the crash.

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