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Urine Trouble
The Urine Trouble




Primary - Automatic

Level Required



75 Gas



Rate of Fire

0.08 seconds




5.0 seconds

Stat Modifier

+10% Speed


750 units


Weapon Statistics

The Urine Trouble is a primary weapon for the Soldier class, being released during the third week of v1.3.1. It is a retexture of the Soaker, functioning as the higher damage alternative in exchange for less versatility, giving it more base damage, but at the loss of ammo and range. It retains the close ranged automatic characteristics with overall high damage and medium ammo, along with a long reload and limited range. The weapon serves as a fast finisher and is effective at quickly depleting the health of stronger classes. As its name suggests, it fires urine, explaining how life's worries cannot get in you while urine can.

Life is full of worries. Most of life's worries, however, can't get in your eyes, mouth, and nose at the same time.

This one can. And it will.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The following Equipment affects the Urine Trouble:

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +1 + 5 bullets
Ammo +2 + 10 bullets
Damage +1 + 0.5 damage
Damage +2 + 1.0 damage


  • The name "Urine Trouble" is a pun on "You're in trouble".
  • Originally, the Urine Trouble cost 150,000 Joules.
  • Like all v1.3.1 weapons and skins, the Urine Trouble was offered to those who took part in the Forum Appreciation promotion, free of charge and before the official release date/week.
  • It has the highest base dps out of all of Soldier's primaries.

Weapon demonstration

Oliver Primary - Urine Trouble00:20

Oliver Primary - Urine Trouble

Urine Trouble

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