Astoria with the Tomahawk





Level Required





10 seconds




3 seconds

Stat Modifier

10% Special Speed Increase

Projectile Speed

900 u/s


Weapon Statistics

The Tomahawk is the Sniper's default secondary weapon in Battle Bears Gold. It appears as a restrained hawk, tied up with a coil of rope. It can be thrown at opponents to partially block their view for 10 seconds. The Tomahawk was the only secondary for the Sniper before v1.3. It does no damage in any way, but is considered useful when on the run. However it is quite hard to aim accurately. 

Unleash a terrified and angry hawk that temporarily blinds any player it hits! Great for running away from opponents that get too close. 

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description    


Like all other Sniper secondaries (excluding the Rake), the Tomahawk deals no damage and instead impedes the enemy, allowing for retreat or leaving them more vulnerable to attack. When thrown, the tied hawk will rotate forward with straight trajectory. If the hawk comes into contact with an opposing player, it will be let free of its retrains and violently thrash around their face, blinding them with a flurry of wings and feathers. Because of this, the player can use this distraction to either escape or attack the enemy. The Tomahawk only partially blinds the opponent, and has no other side effects. Despite this, it has no noticeable AoE (Area of Effect) and it is often very difficult to hit an enemy player, especially with its small projectile size. 

In comparison with its counterpart, the Eagle Standard, it has a shorter duration (by 5 seconds), and has a slightly quicker reload time (by 1 second). The Eagle Standard has a positive statistical modifier, with a 20% increase on the player's special speed (the time it takes for Specials to reload).                    



  • There is currently a bug where if the player switches to the Tomahawk from their Primary weapon while holding down their shoot mode, the projectile will fly backwards behind the player instead of the usual frontal arc.

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