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Test Range is a feature in Battle Bears Overclock that can let players test weapons and specials before they go into battle with them.
Test Range

Oliver in the Test Range.


As portrayed by the name, players can test a weapon or specials as they would like, by going into the Gear Up main menu, selecting a weapon or special, and click Test Range on the left side of the screen. All around the player are floating blocks.

While Testing, a big Yellow Huggable will be stationary at the end of the map. The Huggable can not be killed no matter what.

Augments and upgrades will affect the weapon that players are currently testing, just like how they will perform in battle.


  • Even though the player is on a platform, the player is not able to fall down off it.
  • The outline color with the avatar and health is changed to white.
  • 3 gear up powerups are still accessible, but is impossible to use since no Kill Tokens can be gained here.
  • Strangely enough, the player is able to die in the Test Range.
    • If the player does die, the gear up menu will appear, but the player is not able to use any gear since no Tokens can be gained here.
  • The speech bubble is inaccessible here.
  • The huggable cannot move whatsoever, meaning Astoria cannot deal damage to the huggable with the Ice Trap.

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