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Talking Huggable is an app released by SkyVu Entertainment which was available on iPhone and iPad for a limited time. It is a spin-off of the widely popular app Talking Tom Cat, but features a pink Huggable as the pet instead.

"Talking HUGGABLE is an adorable teddy bear that repeats everything you say in a cute voice. HUGGABLE also responds to your touch and loves to get tickled! HUGGABLE will have you and your family playing and interacting for hours! HOW TO PLAY: Talk to HUGGABLE, and it'll repeat whatever you said in a cute voice! Tickle his face to make him giggle. Tickle his tummy to make him laugh. Poke his head, tummy, or feet. Give HUGGABLE a Hi-Five. Make HUGGABLE fart a rainbow! OMG! Feed your HUGGABLE! Send a customized HUGGABLE postcard to your friends via Facebook or Email. OPTIONS Microphone On/Off button is available. Parents can disable poking & tripping in Settings."

                                                                                                                                  - App Store description


Voice recording: Press the microphone button and talk to Huggable and he will repeat in an adorable voice.


  • Tickle him by his face or stomach to make him giggle.
  • Touch his head and it will fly off, leaving behind a rainbow trail.
  • Give him a high five or be a bully and trip him.


FRIDAY - Rebecca Black - Cover by Huggable-100:35

FRIDAY - Rebecca Black - Cover by Huggable-1

This is the only known recording of the talking huggable to date.


  • Battle Bears Gold, RainBlow and Talking Huggable are the only games where the Huggable is not a antagonist. Interestingly, both this and RainBlow have been removed from the App Store shortly after their releases, possibly due to lack of interest. Neither have been available since.
  • When the Huggable's head is removed, a rainbow beam will come out, just like the death animation for Huggables that are shot in the head in the series.

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