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Señor Potato
Senor Potato
Wil with Señor Potato


Chub Scout



Level Required



100 Gas



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 100.0, Min Dmg 200.0



Rate of Fire

1.2 seconds




3.5 seconds

Senor Potato is a Primary weapon for the Chub Scout. It launches a potato spud that bursts into fries when it hits a player or surface. The impact itself does not deal much damage compared to one or two seconds of exposure with the fries, which also deal damage to anyone a large depth below the ground they are planted on. 

You couldn't find a kinder gun if you tried! Not only does it fire a high velocity spud at your enemies, it also leaves piping hot fries behind to blister their feet.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


This weapon is confined to close-ranged combat only, due to its extreme arc. One exception would be when using a jump pad, as that allows the player to gain extra height and thus extra range. With a large Area of Effect and high damage, it is extremely useful in confined areas.

As with all other explosive weapons, it is possible to suicide with the Señor Potato.


The following Equipment affects the Señor Potato:

Equipment Effect
Ammo +1 + 0 bullets
Ammo +2 + 1 bullets
Explosions +1 + 3.5 damage
Explosions +2 + 7.0 damage


  • 'Señor' is Spanish for 'Mister'. When fully translated, the name of the weapon reads "Mister Potato", which is the name of a potato chip brand.
  • Parts of the weapon visible include a coffee cup, a paper tube, bicycle handles, and a few "Mr. Potatohead" body parts stuck onto the potato.
  • It originally cost 150 Gas.
Señor Potato Concept

Señor Potato concept

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