For more information about rating in Battle Bears Gold, see Reputation System.

The Results Screen is a screen that appears after multiplayer matches in Battle Bears Gold that displays the scores of the teams and how much damage each team dealt with the exception of Free-For-All, where no damage tally is displayed. The screen will show the kills of each player and the deaths, as well as the current level and rank of each player. The player can post the results on Facebook . The player can rate other players by clicking the green/red thumb at the bottom of each player's icon. Players using guest accounts cannot rate other players.

The player can check how they did in the match, by clicking Player Stats, and it will display the kills, deaths, their skill change during the match, and their current skill number, how much EXP and Joules the player earned. In this screen, the player can click the Game Center logo at the top right, to see where they stand in the leaderboards, and at the bottom, the player can earn Gas by doing gas offers by clicking the middle yellow button at the bottom. The player can also view, edit and share a replay of the match from their own perspective using Everyplay.


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