For information about the Battle Bears -1 character, see Over Clocked Oliver.


Oliver's O.C.O. skin

The O.C.O. skin is a skin for the Soldier class, being one of the eight originally released. It is inspired by the transformation of Oliver into the Battle Bears -1 character of the same name, featuring glowing symbols over a team coloured body

This skin costs 250 Gas, and does not have a level lock.

Over. Clocked. Oliver.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description



O.C.O. skin concept

  • Originally, the O.C.O. skin costed 400,000 Joules before being changed to 600 Gas, then 400 Gas, then 300 Gas, where later the price was reduced yet again to that currently seen.
  • On August 31 2013, the O.C.O. skin was made 1 Joules for the weekend as part of a back-to-school sale.

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