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Saberi with the Missiles


Combat Tech



Level Required






Area of Effect

Max Dmg 75.0, Min Dmg 300.0

Rate of Fire

0.8 seconds




8 seconds


15 seconds


Weapon Statistics

The Missiles is the default secondary weapon for the Combat Tech class in Battle Bears Gold.

Because she couldn't quite figure out where to attach his missiles to her rifle, Saberi decided to create herself a third arm and put them there.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Upon activating the secondary, a pair of missile launchers slowly emerge from the right side of the Combat Tech's backpack. The button which activates the secondary will turn blue and not respond to tapping for the duration of the ability. After the short activation sequence the missile launchers will release two explosive missiles, with short cooldowns in between, as long as the shoot button/ double tap is tapped, essentially adding more firepower to the location the player is aiming. However, the rate of fire of the Missiles is independent from that of the primary weapon and the Missiles will continue to fire even if the primary is reloading. These missiles deal a minimum of 35 damage when detonates within a radius of no more than 300 units away from the enemy, while dealing a maximum of 80 damage requires the explosive to detonate within a radius of 75 units away from the enemy. Once the Missiles' 10 second duration of attack ends, it will begin a 16 second reload before it can be activated again. The Missiles only activate for a set amount of time before recharging, regardless of how many missiles were fired during that amount of time.


The following Equipment affects the Missiles:

Equipment Effect
Explosions +1 + 5 damage
Explosions +2 + 10 damage


  • The actual duration of this weapon is disputed. The time from the beginning of the weapon animation to the end of the animation is approximately 10.5s, contrary to the stated time in the code of 8s.

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