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Light Matter
Tillman with the Light Matter




Primary - Explosives

Level Required



70 Gas



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 150.0, Min Dmg 300.0

Rate of Fire

.25 seconds




5 seconds

Projectile Speed

500 u/s


Weapon Statistics

The Light Matter is one of the Demo's primary weapons. It is a reskin of Dark Matter, and was added in v1.3.1. Although it deals less damage than Dark Matter, it has more ammo and faster projectile speed.

It's not to be taken lightly WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


Like all Demo weapons, the Light Matter serves as a form of explosive, dealing damage in the form of large, damaging orb of light. When fired, it releases a single, slow moving blue orb that explodes on contact with any player or surface, dealing damage accordingly. This explosion is notably large, blinding, and electrified, meaning it can damage a number of enemy players. Despite its relatively high damage output, the Light Matter's slow projectile speed, and the risk of suicide make it very difficult to properly utilise.

In comparison to its counterpart, the Dark Matter, the Light Matter has a faster rate of fire, a faster projectile speed and has the same reload time, while having less damage. The Light Matter is better suited to players who want to deal a high amount of damage, while the Dark Matter is better suited to a more rounded play style.


The following Equipment affects the Light Matter:

Equipment Effect
Explosions +1 + 2.5 damage
Explosions +2 + 5 damage
Ammo +1 + 1 bullet
Ammo +2 + 2 bullets


  • It is possible for fast-moving classes to move faster than the Light Matter's projectile.
  • Before v1.4.2, it cost 100,000 Joules
  • Until v1.4.3, the tip of the Light Matter had never glowed.


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