Last Resort
Last Resort
B-1000 with the Last Resort





Level Required






Area of Effect

Max Dmg 250.0, Min Dmg 350.0




5.5 seconds


Weapon Statistics

Last Resort is the default secondary weapon for the Assault class in Battle Bears Gold.

Winning takes sacrifice, and in this case that means blowing yourself up. Press and hold the fire button initiate a self-destruct sequence, wait 3 seconds and then boom!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


he Last Resort, as its name implies, should be used in situations where the player is desperate and willing to take their enemy down with them. Other suicide secondaries such as the Whipped Pain and EZ Chee-Z are notably difficult to utilise effectively, but none more than the Last Resort. When using the Last Resort, the player must hold the fire button (or double tap, depending on preference) for 3 seconds before self destructing. If they don't fulfil this or move during the charge process, the weapon will undergo its 5.5 second reload. Hence, it is best to lure opponents, run away and then surprise them by detonating the Last Resort when the opponents turns around a corner in pursuit. Prior to v2.14, suicides would both count as a death and deduct 1 kill point, meaning players would have to kill at least 2 enemies to make up for their losses. The removal of this feature made the Last Resort more viable as a secondary.


The following Equipment affects the Last Resort:

Equipment: Effect:
Explosions +1 + 35 damage
Explosions +2 + 65 damage


  • There is currently a bug which allows an Assault to fly much further when using a Jump Pad if Last Resort is activated.
  • It deals the highest damage of any explosive weapon in Battle Bears Gold

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