Kumakiri Edit

The Kumakiri

The Kumakiri is a melee weapon for the Soldier class, being released in v1.3.2. It deals 50 damage and has a Stat Modifier of +10% Health. Unlike the Soldier's other melee weapons, it has a different animation which features a downward slash. 

This weapon costs 75,000 Joules and has a level 30 lock.


It's baaack!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • Kumakiri concept

    Kumakiri concept (early)

    The description refers to the Katana used by Oliver in Battle Bears -1.
  • The name may be a pun on "Kubikiri", a traditional Japanese sword.
  • The Kumakiri currently has the highest level lock of all weapons.
Kumakiri Concept 2

Kumakiri concept

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