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In King of the Windmill, there are two teams; Red and Blue. Each team contains 4 players at max. The object of the game is to score the most points. A windmill will land in a random place on the map, surrounded by a green circle. The player must stand inside the circle until the windmill blasts off. When windmill blasts off, the point is given to the team, even if one player of the each team was in the circle, regardless of how many players were in the circle. If points are tied once time runs out, the team that did the most damage wins.


  • When the windmill is about to land, chicken leg icons will fly out of the ground and into the air. These icons were also used for the Imperial Basket Grande in Royale.
  • Players who are in the receiving end at the landing of the Windmill, the player will be heavily damaged or even killed. Few characters alone can survive the landing without any aid of equipment.
  • Oliver, shown in the picture above, is seen with pupils similar to new design, and where his old design only had a single pair of black eyes.
  • Graham's Wrench shown above is completely grey, where his Wrench is orange.
  • There was a bug in the game after a King of the Windmill match, where in the Results Screen, the losing team was listed at the top.

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