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Old Token

A Token

Kill Tokens are earnable battle currency while playing matches in Battle Bears Ultimate.

A Token is dropped when a player is killed. Tokens are also dropped by destroying Generators, Turrets, and shooting Bandit Huggables. The Tokens are used to activate Gear in the middle of a game. Thorughout out the match, Tokens will appear on their own.

Tokens picked up are awarded to the entire team.

While a Token is not picked up, the Token will start flashing red faster and faster and then disappear.

Fake Kill Token


A Fake Kill Token

Fake Kill Token is a non-earnable Token trap placed on the battlefield by other players. If a enemy trys to pick up the said Token, It will damage them. It will also effect the player, that grabbed the said Token, in several ways. This trap is unlocked at Level 4.


  • This Token might be referencing to Call Of Duty, where if a player is killed in a match, dog tags will drop and being able to earn them, exactly how Kill Tokens fuction.
  • As shown above, a Fake Kill Token shows a Skull, informing players that this is a Fake Kill Token.
  • Regardless of being a currency, it will not affect the Big Spender.
  • As a whole unit, Generators always drop more Kill Tokens than the Turrets as a whole unit.
  • Surprisingly, if a player kills a player at the beginning of a match, they will be awarded 5 Tokens, not evening giving it to the other players of the same team.
    • It's unknown if this is a glitch or not.

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