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Invulnerable Field
Sanchez with the Invulnerable Field






250,000 Joules


10 seconds

Rate of Fire

0.75 seconds




7.5 seconds


Weapon Statistics

The Invulnerable Field is a secondary weapon for the Arbiter class in Battle Bears Gold. It costs 250,000 Joules and has no level lock.

With great power comes great invulnerability

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Invulnerable Field is a utility weapon and doesn't deal any direct damage. Upon activation, the Arbiter will produce a hazy, light blue orb, which appears from a command gauntlet on his arm. This procedure will not work if used in mid-air, however, and players must be grounded. The field created is a dome similar in size to the Pain Field or Speed Field. Any player that steps into the field takes 50% less damage as long as they stay within the field. The effects of multiple fields can stack (this means if you are in two fields, you take 25% of damage that you would without the fields, not 0%). The formula of the decimal of damage taken is 0.5^(Number of Field)


  • The Invulnerable Field is deceiving in the fact it only reduces damage and does not protect players to the point of actual invulnerability as the title specifies
  • The name of the weapon should be "Invulnerability Field".

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