The Huggable is a Class in Battle Bears Gold, featuring Huggable as a playable character. The Huggable was added in version 1.0 during Battle Bears Royale.

The Modified Huggable is a safer version of the standard Huggable. Its quickness and uncanny melee strength makes it a serious threat up close and its unorthodox abilities make it unpredictable in combat.


The Huggable has both primary and secondary abilities for use, but mostly relies on its strong melee attacks. The Huggable has the highest base speed of any class, but has low health, having only 90 units.

The Huggable uses its speed to get close to enemies in order to attack opponents with its melee attacks. A con to using a primary or secondary weapon is the player cannot switch between them while the weapon is recharging. This feature is unique to the Huggable and hence increases the player's reliance on the melee attacks. The Huggable has only one long-range weapon, the Headlights.







  • Originally, the Huggable cost 45,000 Joules, being changed to the current price in v.1.4 of 1,000 Joules.
  • It is possible to use the So Fly to get to areas no other class can. Players can take this advantage to hide from their enemy or ambush them.
  • The Huggable is the only class whose primary (excluding Double Rainbow!, Static Shuffle, Losing Your Head and Charged Run.) and secondary weapons are not affected by Equipment+.
  • In Version 1.4, when a player entered the Space Oddity map as a Huggable they would instantly suicide. This was a common bug (now fixed).
  • The Huggable has improved its vocabulary in Battle Bears Gold, possibly due to the radio attached to its head.
  • The Huggable is one of two classes that does not have a backpack, but instead has a flag respective to the team color that only shows up in a match. The flag does not appear in the Gear Ups and Main Menu.
  • On Shortest Parsec, the Huggable is the only class that can reach the map's Easter Egg.
  • Three of the Huggable's primary weapons had the ability to kill the enemy even after after the Huggable died. Dying while performing So Fly would cause the Huggable to arc and continue its stream of damaging rainbows. Double Rainbow would continue to rotate and the Headlights continue to fire in a straight line, though sometimes it would aim at the ground, rendering it useless. These features were removed in the v2.2 update.
  • First sighted in the Halloween update of 2012, the Huggable had a skin glitch where its stomach area was protruding outwards, mimicking a kangaroo's pouch. This glitch is also known as the "Kangabble", a pun of Kangaroo and Huggable.



BBR Version 1.2: New skin

BBR Version 1.0: Added

Please note, that these changelogs may be incomplete and lacking, as data has not consistently been gathered over time.


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