Heavy A Salt Rifle
Photo 19-04-13 12 02 04 PM
Oliver with the Heavy A Salt Rifle




Primary - Automatic

Level Required



110,000 Joules



Shots per Second





4.5 seconds

Dispersion Angle


Stat Modifier:

-10% Speed


Weapon Statistics

The Heavy A Salt Rifle is a primary weapon for the Soldier class, being one of the original three primaries. It is a mid-ranged automatic, with overall medium damage and ammo, along with a long reload and partial inaccuracy. With a moderate amount of ammo and a faster than average rate of fire, ammo is depleted at a faster rate than usual. Being quite offensively weighted, a speed reduction is applied, which urges the use of Speed+ Equipment in order to balance out the penalty. The weapon serves as an effective assault weapon, but can only engage several targets in mind of the reload.

With higher capacity and lower damage the Heavy A Salt Rifle gives its owner more room for error before reloading but at the cost of stopping power.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The following Equipment affects the Heavy A Salt Rifle:

Equipment: Effect:
Ammo +1 + 10 bullets
Ammo +2 + 15 bullets
Damage +1 + 0.35 damage
Damage +2 + 0.75 damage


  • HASR weapon concept

    Weapon concept

    Just like the A Salt Rifle, similar goes for "Heavy A Salt Rifle" as a pun on "Heavy Assault Rifle".
  • The common abbreviation for the Heavy A Salt Rifle is "HASR".
  • Originally, the Heavy A Salt Rifle cost 8,000 Joules, before being increased to 10,000 Joules, then 100,000 Joules, where later the price was increased again to that currently seen.

Video demonstration

Oliver Secondary - Heavy A Salt Rifle00:24

Oliver Secondary - Heavy A Salt Rifle

Heavy A Salt Rifle

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