Tillman with the Good Morning

The Good Morning is a melee weapon for the Demo class, being one of the original three melee weapons. Like all of the Demo's melee weapons, it has a slow draw time but farther range than the melee weapons of other classes. It deals 35 damage and has a 10% health boost. It costs 115,500 Joules and has a level 15 lock.  


Do you guys remember "Battle Bots"? That was a good show...

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • The "Good Morning" is a reference of a morning star, a chained mace which head is topped with spikes, having a similar resemblance of the weapon. It was originally titled "Good Mourning", a less obvious pun noting the pain of being hit by it.
  • "Battle Bots", mentioned in the description, is a reference to the show of the same name.

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