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Glue Bomb
Glue Bomb
Sanchez with the Glue Bomb





Level Required



60,000 Joules



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 100.0, Min Dmg 300.0

Rate of Fire

1.5 seconds




4.5 seconds

Slow Duration

3 seconds

Explosion Delay

1 second

Slow Amount



Weapon Statistics

The Glue Bomb is a primary weapon for the Arbiter class. It costs 60,000 Joules and as no level lock. The Glue Bomb serves as an impediment as well as an explosive, damaging enemies and slowing them down in the process.

Glue plus bomb equals very slow battle bears.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Glue Bomb is a throwable bomb that sticks to surfaces and explodes 1 second after impact, damaging any enemies within its Area of Affect (AoE) as well as slowing them down and allowing for the Arbiter to either throw another Glue Bomb or have his teammates kill a slow enemy. The Glue Bomb's slowing effect lasts for 3 seconds after and affects a large radius, potentially bring whole teams to a standstill. When thrown, the Glue Bomb while fly in an arc and stick to the first solid object it comes into contact with, and after a one second delay, explode. Its slowing affect coupled with its fast Rate of Fire (RoF) can produce dire result for enemies, and allows the player and their teammates to weaken the opposing team and move in to dispatch of any remaining. In Free-For-All it is all the more lethal and will slow and kill anyone that gets close enough. Even a single Glue Bomb affects a very large area, and can hold up large portions of smaller stages. As a result, it serves well for the Arbiter's role as a kind of supportive class that benefits its teammates.


The following Equipment affects the Glue Bomb:

Equipment Effect
Explosions +1 + 4 damage
Explosions +2 + 8 damage
Ammo +1 +1 bullet
Ammo +2 +2 bullets


  • It used to cost 90,000 Joules.


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