Graham with the Gernobyl




Secondary - Radiation Explosives

Level Required



90 Gas


10-20 (55-65 radiation, 10.0 radiation/s from puddles)

Area of Effect

Max Dmg 150.0, Min Dmg 300.0

Shots per Second





3.75 seconds

Stat Modifier

5% Speed Boost

Projectile Speed

1,000 u/s


Weapon Statistics


The Gernobyl is a secondary weapon for the Engineer class, being released in BBR v1.4.3. It utilises the radiation status effect, designed to complement the Gamma Ray rather than work as an independent defensive device, although it is still capable of being used as a primary. It receives a 5% Speed Boost to compensate.

Radioactive goo

Radioactive goop before contact with any surface, with trail of glowing goo effects.

This gerbil-esque weapon shoots out irradiating globs of light green goo. A hit will cause medium radiation damage and some physical damage. A miss will result in a puddle of goo that will deal radiation damage if stepped on. The goo will split into 2 to 3 droplets of the goo. And is also (without goo) basically impossible to resist.Each puddle of goo shot lasts 4.5 seconds.


Graham holding Gernobyl

Radioactive goo never hurt anyone, unless of course it came from the contaminated mouth of an adorable little mutated mammal. The longer your exposure the greater your chance of death!

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description
Radioactive puddle

Radioactive puddle


The following Equipment affects the Gernobyl:

Equipment Effect
Ammo +1 + 1 bullets
Ammo +2 + 2 bullets
Explosions +1 + 10 damage
Explosions +2 + 20 damage


Here are some pictures of the Gernobyl.


  • Gernobyl is a pun on the Chernobyl disaster, a nuclear plant that exploded its core in 1986, leaking toxic radiation throughout Eastern Europe that still affects humans today, hence how it spits out radioactive puddles.
  • It is also a pun on gerbil, a household pet which it bears the appearance of a mutated one.
  • There is a bug that allows the Gernobyl to be fired through the Iron Curtain.
  • There is a also a bug which allows the Gernobyl to block projectiles.

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