The Generalissimo skin is a skin for the Chub Scout in Battle Bears Gold. It came out in update 1.3.

It features Wil in a generalissimo's suit. It also changes his backpack by adding badges and ribbons on it. Finally, it also inclides a small mustache and some hair on his head.

Take direct command of your vast army of imaginary soldiers (Somehow they think less of you than your imaginary friends). 

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description.

It currently costs 15 Gas.

Generalismo Concept

Generalissimo skin concept


  • Generalissimo refers to the commander of a combined military force consisting of an army, navy, and an Air Force.
  • It originally cost 100,000 Joules, until version 2.1, where it was given a low gas price-tag as with many other skins.

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