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Fear Orbit
The Assassin with the Fear Orbit





Level Required



100 Gas


11 DPS over duration


6 seconds




5 seconds

Stat Modifier



Weapon Statistics

The Fear Orbit is a secondary weapon for the Assassin in Battle Bears Gold.

It costs 100 Gas and has no level lock. 

Most people think having orbs of poison spinning around you is a bad idea. Botch is not most people. One touch from these puppies and you'll be quite sickly, most likely to the point of death.

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Fear Orbit manifests itself as two rotating, poisonous orbs that circle the Assassin. When an enemy is hit by one of the orbs, they are poisoned and gradually lose health over time. It has as very limited range and the Assassin must get into close proximity with its enemy to make the weapon effective. The fact that a primary weapon can be used while the Fear Orbit lasts can make up for this though and deal more damage to a possible opponent. When activated, the Fear Orbit begins to orbit the Assassin violently, differentiating from its more passive non-active state.

The purpose of the Fear Orbit is to kill an opposing player over time. Poisoning them and making a quick retreat is advisable, letting the poison status take effect and wear them down before coming in and finishing them off with the use of a primary weapon. 


The following equipment affects the Fear Orbit:

Equipment: Effect:
Damage+1 +1 Damage
Damage+2 +2 Damage


  • In the beta version of v2.1, the Fear Orbit dealt no poison damage and instead injured the enemy with direct hits from the orbs. This was changed just prior to release to make the weapon more effective. 

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