For the weapon in Battle Bears Gold, see Electric Honey (BBG).

The Electric Honey is a weapon for Riggs (BBO) in Battle Bears Overclock.


The Electric Honey functions in a similar manner as a standard Minigun, but does more damage per bullet with less ammo and shoots larger, slower projectiles to balance the insane damage along with terrible accuracy. It is best used at mid range.


Cost Damage Ammo RoF Reload Accuracy Critical


Critical Damage
130 Gems 26 60 0.2 4.8 15% 5% 150%


  • The Electric Honey was originally only able to be obtained as a reward for Battle Bears Gold players who linked their accounts on Launch Day. Currently, it is purchasable.
  • It is a direct carryover of the Electric Honey (BBG) designed for Overclock.

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