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For the weapon in Battle Bears Gold, see Dark Matter (BBG).

The Dark Matter is a Unique weapon for Tillman in Battle Bears Overclock.


The Dark Matter fires large, glowing purple projectiles that explode on impact with any surface, dealing damage to any enemy within the blast radius.


Cost Damage Ammo RoF Reload Accuracy Critical Chance Critical Damage
110 Gems 120 2 0.9 3.9 100% 5% 150%


  • Dark Matter was originally only able to be obtained as a reward for Battle Bears Gold players who linked their accounts on Launch Day of Ultimate. Currently, it is purchasable.
  • Despite having an accuracy value of 0%, the Dark Matter is completely accurate.
  • There was a typo in the code when the weapon came out that decreased Dark Matter's fire rate by 0.06 and not 0.6 seconds.

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