Cosmic Fire
Botch with the Cosmic Fire





Level Required



80 Gas


50.0 DPS




3.0 seconds

Stat Modifier

+10% Health Increase


Weapon Statistics


Concept Art for Cosmic Fire

Cosmic Fire is a primary weapon for the Assassin in Battle Bears Gold. It was released in update 2.3. 

Sometimes "killing it with fire" is the only way to deal with something, amirite?

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Cosmic Fire serves as a medium ranged, duration based flamethrower attack,. Upon activation, the Assassin points his palm forwards and the fire he holds in his hand begins to burn much more vigorously, damaging any enemy in its path. The fire, at this point, deals constant and gradual damage to enemy players it comes into contact with as the player moves along similar to the Batterito or Killdoba but at a much greater rate. The Cosmic Fire supposedly deals 50 damage per second, though testing reveals inconsistent results. It is unknown if it is merely bugged or if some unknown effect affects the manner in which it deals damage. Because it deals damage over an area (being able to travel through enemies), it can be deadly to a group of opponents who are fighting together.  The attack will cease after 5 seconds and the player will undergo a 3 second reload. 

The Cosmic Fire includes a 10% health increase to any player utilizing it, bringing the Assassin's grand health total up to 93.5 without the aid of further modifiers or equipment. Its main weakness is its range, though with the Assassin's speed, this poses no problem.


The following Equipment affects the Cosmic Fire:

Equipment Effect
Damage +1 + 5 damage
Damage +2 + 10 damage


  • You cannot use Specials while using the weapon.

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