Chests are items in Battle Bears Overclock. They can be opened using Gold(for standard chests) and Gems(for premium chests),allowing the player to

A Loot Chest in-game


A Premium Loot Chest in-game

access the contents of the box.

Standard chests contain Armor Pieces,Gold,Profile Icons,and Augments. Premium chests contain Armor Pieces,Armor,Gold,Exclusive Iconds,Augments,and Backpacks.

Types of Chests

There are two kinds of Chests which can be found in-game.

Type Unlock Cost Augments frequency Gold frequency Profile Icon frequency Armor frequency Armor Pieces frequency Backpack frequency
Standard Chest 2,500 Gold TBA TBA TBA None TBA None
Premium Chest 40 Gems TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
Chest art

Chest concept art

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