Buster Cannon
Chub Scout with the Buster Cannon


Chub Scout



Level Required



300,000 Joules


Uncharged: 20
Charged: 60



Area of Effect

Max Dmg 150.0, Min Dmg 300.0

Shots per Second





3 seconds

Projectile Speed

Uncharged Speed: 1400 u/s
Charged Speed:
1500 u/s'

Charge time

2.5 seconds


Weapon Statistics

Buster Cannon is a primary weapon for the Chub Scout in Battle Bears Gold, being released in the v2.14

Don't be a busta. Charge up your cannon and blow your enemies away with a powerful energy ball

~Official Battle Bears Gold description


The Buster Canon has a semi-automatic firing system and fires energy orbs at opponents. The Buster Canon can be charged to provide more damage on impact as well as AoE damage upon a hit on a surface.

  • The Buster Canon's charging time is 2.5 seconds.  
  • Projectile speed is 1,400 units per second uncharged and 1,500 charged.

When building up a charge, the weapon can still be fired, but with slightly less damage depeding on the size of the charge. If fired with no charge at all, or with a charge that isn't full, each shot will deal 20 damage on direct impact with no AoE

If the Buster Canon is fully charged (indicated by the appearance of a pulsating purple energy ring formed around the glove) and makes a direct impact on a target, it will deal a damage value ranging from of 65-90. In addition, the full charge will create an AoE burst around the hitting orb to deal extra damage to the target as well as nearby surroundings.

Other details

If a charge being built is dropped, the charge will slowly decay towards zero charge. This happens at a faster rate than the actual charge, around 1 second.

Using a charged shot will be considered using a full magazine of ammo, EVEN with Ammo+ Equipment, hence requiring a reload.


Equipment Effect
Damage +1 + 7 damage
Damage +2 + 14 damage
Ammo +1 + 20 ammo
Ammo +2 + 40 ammo


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