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Battle Bears Ultimate

Following from Battle Bears Gold comes the even more action packed Battle Bears Ultimate! Released 25 June 2014, this multiplayer shooter includes dozens of new features such as revolutionary graphics, four unique characters, tons of upgradeable weapons, new forms of customisation with hundreds of combinations and even a clan system. Join the next generation of Battle Bears!


Battle Bears Gold

Battle Bears Royale was launched in December 2011 and was a highly successful multiplayer shooter. Upon reaching version 2.0, an upgraded version of the game under the new title of Gold was released, bringing a new look, private matches, new classes and new maps onto the scene. With 11 specialised classes wielding an arsenal of whacky weapons, this game provides hours of entertainment! Download: iTunes - Android


Battle Bears Fortress

Battle Bears Fortress is the crossover between your favorite Battle Bears heroes and the grand hit Plant Vs. Zombies. Defend your towers against a vast amount of huggables and mysterious new enemies in the story-based single player. Do not forget the groundbreaking head-to-head multiplayer! Download: iTunes - Android


Battle Bears Zero

Taking place after Battle Bears -1, Wil has been left for dead while stranded on what is left of the Battle Bears' ship. Lost even to his own senses, Wil presses on, challenging all that is expected of him in his finest (and final?) hour. Download: iTunes


Battle Bears -1

Battle Bears -1 is the second game from SkyVu Entertainment released in June 2010. Join Oliver, Riggs and Wil as they face off against the huggables that striked their ship in a bid to make it to the invaders' planet. With three campaigns filled with humour and insanity along with cutscenes of ridiculous proportions, can the Battle Bears survive this dangerous mission? Download: iTunes - Android


Battle Bears: Zombies

Battle Bears: Zombies was the debut game from SkyVu Entertainment released back in 2009. Follow Oliver who is trapped on the Huggable Planet separated from his squad while being hunted down by an incoming mass of deadly huggables. What else lurking on the planet will find him and can he make it out alive? Download: iTunes - Android


Battle Bears BLAST

Battle Bears BLAST was released in July 2011 as a 3rd person static shooter. In this game, the player controls Oliver, shooting as many huggables as possible using a supercharged microwave beam. Featuring a 60 seconds mode and a survival mode, huggables are not the only thing to watch out for. Just remember: DO NOT SHOOT WIL! Download:


Battle Bears: GO

Battle Bears: GO is a top-down shooter released exclusively for iPad in August 2010. The player takes control of either Oliver or Riggs in a struggle to clear an endless number of huggable-filled rooms. Both a single player and dual action mulitplayer allowing two players to play on the same device are included in this game. Unavailable for purchase.


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