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Battle Bears Ultimate

Grab a weapon and join thousands of players online in multiplayer shooter mayhem! Battle Bears Ultimate is the best Battle Bears game to date. Experience FPS action unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! Battle Bears Ultimate became SkyVu's new flagship game upon it's initial release. With loads of new features including 4 Unique Characters all with their own Abilities and Styles, 20+ Unique weapons to unlock, upgrade and customize, over 1000 Character customizations, stunning multiplayer maps oozing with life including NPC Huggables & Zombies, and much much more!


Battle Bears Gold

Battle Bears Royale was released in late 2011 as Royale, and became SkyVu's flagship game after a long time of success. Upon reaching version 2.0, Royale was upgraded into Gold, with loads of new features including private matches, brand new stages as well as classes. With 10 characters and tons of weapons, this game allows for hours of entertainment! Download: iTunes - Android


Battle Bears Fortress

Battle Bears Fortress is the crossover between your favorite Battle Bears heroes and the grand hit Plant Vs. Zombies. Defend your towers against huggables and a vast amount of bosses to save your friends. The game includes both a full multiplayer mode as well as a classic single player campaign mode, for tons of hours of entertainment. Download: iTunes - Android


Battle Bears: Zombies

Battle Bears: Zombies was the debut game from SkyVu Entertainment released back in 2009. It is available on both iOS and Android devices in two variants: A free and a paid version. The game is a 3rd person static shooter featuring Oliver getting chased down by huge amounts of Huggables. In between shooting Huggables, the player will also face various bosses - including the dreaded Bearbershop Quartet! Download: iTunes - Android


Battle Bears -1

Battle Bears -1 is the second game ever released by SkyVu Entertainment in June 2010. The game is a 3rd person single player shooter, in which the player takes control of either Oliver, Riggs or Wil and shoot their way through giant room-based labyrinths. In doing this, the player will encounter various kinds of huggables, as well as bosses. Download: iTunes - Android


Battle Bears Zero

Battle Bears Zero: Wil's finest hour takes place after the events of Battle Bears -1. His crew believing him to be dead, leaves him on a ship with no escape capsules. The player takes control of Wil and Boomstick McShootington and forces his way to the ships control room through masses of Huggables. More information still to come. Download: iTunes


Battle Bears: GO

Battle Bears: GO is a topdown single-/multiplayer shooter released for the iPad only in August 2010. In the game, the player takes control of either Oliver or Riggs in a struggle to clear through room-based labyrinths while shooting huge loads of Huggables. The game allows 2 players to play with each other on the same device. Download: Removed from App Store. Read more...


Battle Bears BLAST

Battle Bears BLAST was released in July 2011 as a 3rd person static shooter. In this game, you control Oliver shooting Huggables using a microwave beam. The games features a 60 seconds mode as well as a survival mode in which the goal is to shoot as many Huggables as possible. The most important rule in this game is simple: DO NOT SHOOT WIL! Download: Removed from App Store. Read more...


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