Battle Bears TV, also known as BBTV, is an upcoming Battle Bears cartoon, consisting of one season of 30 minute episodes. It was planned to be aired in 2014(but never was released), and was going to feature Astoria, Oliver, Riggs, Graham, Wil and Tillman but it was presumably cancelled, since it didn't come out the intended time.

Chronologically, the events taking place will be after Battle Bears Zero. To make this, SkyVu Entertainment  has partnered with W!ildbrain Entertainment.

This TV show replaced the Battle Bears Movie.


  • As shown in the bannar, Oliver has his old design, but in the promotional images, it shows Oliver with black pupils, something in his new disign.
  • Tillman seems to be helping Will and Oliver battle against a horde of Huggables in the image, but he is not technically a Battle Bear.

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