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Battle Bears Gold
The current Battle Bears Gold Icon


SkyVu Entertainment

Publisher(s) /

Apple Inc.
Google Inc.


Ben Vu


Ben Vu
Andrew Sipotz
Bryan North
David Jessen


Michael Kingery
Max Kaeter
Joe Carney
Chris Bevins
Tony Ferguson
Rachel Wolfe
Dustin Lincoln


David Jessen
Tyler White
Yifu Qiao
Eric Schlichting
Chris Molini
Joseph Nguyen


iOS: BBG Version 2.21
Android: BBG Version 2.21
Released on July 3 2015


NA October 8th, 2011 (soft launch)
WWDecember 6th, 2011


Third-person multiplayer shooter


iOS: iTunes (iOS 4.2+ required)
Android: Google Play
PC:Windows Store

Battle Bears Gold (previously known as Battle Bears, Epic Bear Fight and Battle Bears Royale), is a third-person multiplayer shooter developed by SkyVu Entertainment, released on December 6th, 2011 as a free ad-supported application. It is available on iOS, Android, ENIAC and Windows 8/Windows 10.

The playable characters in Battle Bears Gold are mostly based on the characters from the entire series of Team Fortress games released before Gold. On February 18th 2013, Gold was announced new flagship game of SkyVu Entertainment[1].



In Battle Bears Gold, the player takes the control of one of the eleven different characters (known as classes). The players will get matched up with up to seven other players in an 8-player (or less) match with varying game modes. Matches can also be pre-planned with the use of "Private" Match Lobbies. Passwords can also be set on these games in case a "private" match is desired.

Basic controls have the player use both hands to control the character and shoot at the same time. Holding the device in landscape mode allows the player to use one thumb to move around in the map using a virtual joy-pad, while the other thumb is used to fire and aim on a second virtual joypad. The player can also choose double-tap to shoot. The player can also use a melee attack for close-range attacks using a seperate button at the bottom of the screen as well as a special equipment item. Finally, Pro-Mode Features, which is the icon under the Turkish SW Boots in the picture to the right can be unlocked and used as well. The player can fully customize however he/she wants the controls in the HUD.


You can read more about game-play, controls and steering mechanisms on the following pages:

Other articles:

Classes and Characters

Battle Bears includes 11 different characters from the game series, except for B-1000, Saberi, and Botch, who do not appear in any other Battle Bears games as of now. 2 of these are bought through the in game currency, known as Joules, while the other 7 require the purchasable secondary currency, known as Gas, to purchase. Each character is assigned its own class, with each class having its own unique weaponry, statistics and playstyle.

Character Class Price Picture
Oliver Soldier Default Oliver-steamshot
Riggs Heavy Default Riggs-heavy
Huggable Huggable (Class) 1,000 Joules Huggable-suction-pose
Tillman Demo 1 Joule Demo-darkmatter
Astoria Sniper 200,000 Joules Astoria-sniper-viperifle
Wil Chub Scout 200,000 Joules Wil-pyro
Graham Engineer 100 Gas Engineer-Graham
B-1000 Assault 100 Gas B-10001
Botch Assassin 100 Gas Botch350
Saberi Combat Tech 100 Gas Saberi Class
Sanchez Arbiter 100 Gas Arbiter Class

Game Modes

In Battle Bears Gold, players can compete in four different online game modes: Team Battle, Plant the Bomb, Free-For-All and King Of The Windmill.

Team Battle
In Team Battle players compete in teams of up to 4 players against 4, in a stage through 4 minutes. The only goal in this mode is to score as many kills as possible in cooperation with your team.
The winning team is the one with the most kills when the time is up. Read more...
Plant the Bomb
In Plant the Bomb, players also compete in teams, up to 4 players against 4, in a randomly picked stage through 5 minutes. This mode differs from Team Battle as it is not the team with the most kills that wins the game.
Instead the teams have to co-operate and get your team's bomb to the opponents' bomb tube. Read more...
Free-For-All is the multiplayer game mode added to Battle Bears Gold in Update 2.5. As the name suggests, there are no teams and a player can kill anyone. The player with the most number of kills by the end of the match is the winner.
All other players will be viewed as being on the Blue team while the player you are controlling will appear to be on the Red team. Read more...
BBG windmill game mode-300x225
King of the Windmill is the latest game mode added to BBG in Update 2.8. The object is to score as many points as possible by staying inside the windmill. Players will have to defend the teammates inside the Windmill, in order to gain a point. The team with the most at the end of the battle wins.Read more...
Ever wondered about what all those quotes on the matchmaking screen are? Read about them on Matchmaking Screen Comments.


Main article: BBG Maps

Battle Bears Gold features 11 different stages in which players can compete in. Each stage consists of its own map layout as well as soundtrack. Click the images below to read more about each individual stage.

H.I.P. Test Lab Space Oddity No bear's Land
Aztec Attack Abusement park Marecraft
Shortest Parsec Sky View Skate Or Die
Gold Digger HauntedCastle Preview1 Toxic-Terror-Preview
DesertAirmine Pundra map

There was a map called Desert Airmine, but it was removed to allow more server space.It was soon put back however. Haunted Castle was removed too, but it was reintroduced to celebrate Halloween in 2013. Desert Airmine was later reintroduced in v2.7.


Each stage features various pickups for everyone to gather. These are the following:

Pickup Description
Bearscream Sandwich Makes every weapon you have equipped deal 3 times the standard damage it normally would for 20 seconds. These respawn every minute.
Imperial Basket Grande A health item that heals you approxinately half of your maximum HP. This item can make you exceed your regular HP maximum temporarily. These respawn every minute.
Health Pack A health item that heals 35 HP regardless of the character. It will not exceed the characters maximum HP. These respawn every 45 seconds.
Shield Grants you invulnerability from weapons for 10 seconds. Will not prevent you from suiciding because of natural hazards or movement-impairing effects though. These respawn every minute.


Battle Bears (before the 2.0 update to Gold) was nominated for the 2013 Android Best App Ever Awards in 8 categories.

Award Result
Best Action & Arcade Game Winner[2]
Best Soundtrack Winner[3]
Best App Ever 2nd place[4]
Best Game Series 2nd place[5]
Best Game Controls Honorable mention[6]
Best Multiplayer Honorable mention[7]
Most Addictive Game Honorable mention[8]
Most Innovative Game Honorable mention[9]

Music and soundtrack

Main article: Battle Bears Gold Soundtrack*

Battle Bears Gold has a very unique soundtrack associated with it, including the theme music on the main menu as well as the track for each stage. In the 2013 Android Best App Ever awards, Battle Bears Gold was nominated and won the Best Soundtrack award[3]



Icon gallery

Battle Bears Gold has had various application icons through the time. This gallery features all of them.

Video Gallery

  • Battle Bears Royale official game trailer,Nov 23, 2011



  • Battle Bears Royale official sneak peak, Aug 31, 2011 (outdated).



  • Battle Bears Royale update 1.3.1 - new skins demo, 16 Jun 2012.
Battle Bears Royale - New skins weapons update 1.304:55

Battle Bears Royale - New skins weapons update 1.3.1-0



  3. 3.0 3.1


For the updates for all Battle Bears games,see Updates

Version Added Features Date
1.0 Battle Bears Gold May 24th. 2013
1.0.1 In App purchases fixed June 4th. 2013
1.0.2 Misc. bug fixes June 15th. 2013
  • New character class - Assassin: Botch
  • Kill confirm Joule drops
  • New Skins
  • Balance Adjustment
July 15th. 2013
2.1.1 Fixed crash on launch July 22nd 2013
2.1.2 Bug fixes August 1st 2013
  • Addition of Everyplay, allowing for players to record matches with friends.
August 21st 2013
  • Addition of Taunts
    • "Dance the dance of victory over your fallen opponents!
      • Taunts have replaced the WooHoo! button on the team speak menu. Pressing Taunts will start a player's "humiliation attempt". Player's are still vulnerable to damage while taunting.
  • New Map: Toxic Terror
  • New weapons
  • Bug Fixes
    • Various bug and exploits were addressed.
September 27th 2013
2.4 October 24 2013
  • New Mode: Free-For-All
    • "Every bear for themselves! Player with the most kills wins the match."
November 27,2013
2.6 December 20,2013
2.6.1 January 4th 2014
2.7 January 23rd 2014
  • New Map: Steam Yard Blues
  • New Gamemode: King of the Windmill
    • A single Windmill spawns on the map
    • Remain in the radius of the Windmill when it launches with one or more team mates to score a point
    • The team with the most points in the end on the game wins
    • If tied, the team with the most damage dealt wins
  • Balance Changes
March 4th 2014
2.9 May 8 2014
  • performance optimizations
  • fix to NativeX for iOS
May 15 2014
2.11 August 27 2014
2.12 October 2 2014

Demo's rockets now have homing capabilities

October 31 2014
2.14 November 29 2014
2.15 December 20 2014
2.16 January 30 2015

New Skins:

Optimization on gaming performance!

March 8 2015

New Skins:

April 3 2015
2.19 April 26 2015
2.20 May 29 2015
2.21 July 3 2015

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