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Battle Bears -1 was debuted in 2010 as SkyVu Entertainment's second game as a prequel to Battle Bears: Zombies. It was available on the App Store and Google Play for the price of US $0.99, while before it was free. It is also the first SkyVu game to be released on the Mac App Store, currently not available in the app store.

Games modes

There are three game modes in Battle Bears -1, playable by every character in the game.(Oliver,Wil,Riggs)


Follow Oliver, Riggs, and Wil through the Huggable Invasion as they defend the Ursa Major and escape to the Huggable Planet.


Fight through an endless number of Huggable-infested rooms while racking up as many points as possible with a single life.

Boss Trials

You can replay all boss battles here. You must beat your desired boss first in order to play this mode.


Collectables can enhance the player in numerous ways. Most are dropped by defeated Huggables and eventually de-spawn, while others can be found at certain locations and usually remain until collected. 


Various weapons can be collected by each character depending on the stage. Up to three full cartridges can be collected which upgrades the weapon to its hyper form, which further improves a weapon, but disables the ability to increase its ammo further until fully depleted. Select a weapon for a more detailed overview.

Other Pick-Ups


A small spherical device that orbits the player until the player is taking damage. It shoots the projectiles of the currently equipped weapon (does not include melee weapons), however, it retains the standard form of the weapon even if the player upgrades their weapon to hyper form. It is an orange pick-up dropped by any huggable. It doubles the damage if you have the first stage of a weapon. No increase for other stages.


Heals the player by a percentage depending on the difficulty, the amount of health given being smaller the higher the difficulty. It is a green pick-up dropped by any huggable. It gives about half of the full health bar.

Please include percentage of health added.


Protects the player from any loss of health with the exception of falling into pits for a duration depending on the difficulty, the time being shorter the higher the difficulty. It is a green pick-up dropped by any huggable.

Please include durations for each difficulty.


Gives a speed boost to its user temporarily. 

Please include durations for each difficulty if any difference.

Extra Life

Gives the player an extra life. It is a white pick-up dropped by yellow huggables, or you can find them on the ground when you enter a new room.

Screen Clear (Nuke)

Instantly deals 300 damage to every huggable in the room. It is an orange pick-up dropped by red huggables.

When activates, an white line goes around the place it exploded. It basically can kill every huggable in the room (most likely clears the screen).

Gold and Iron Bars Gold and Iron Bars are used as some extra points in survival mode.

Gold Coins

Gold Coins are used as extra points in survival mode. Green or red presents

They are used as extra points in survival mode.

Hazards and enemies

There are a total of eleven different kinds of standard huggables as well as two variarions of turrets which appear identical. Pits also occur in certain rooms where the player will instantly die if they fall into one. See link for huggables in Battle Bears -1 for more detailed info.

Huggable Health   Position on Table Additional Information
Small Pink 1 Upper left
  • Single death animation
Small Orange 4 or 15 Central left
  • Fast speed
  • Higher health in zombie form
Small Red 12 or 25 Upper center
  • Can drop the Screen Clear collectable
  • Higher health in zombie form
Big Blue 75 Central right
  • Deeper voice than most huggables
Small Green 10 Lower left
  • Can launch its head which causes a small explosion on impact, killing itself in the process
  • Can damage other Huggables
Medium Green 50 Upper right
  • When it gets close to the player, it initiates an explosion sequence (it cannot be damaged during this time, which deals heavy damage, killing itself in the process
  • Can damage other huggables
Small Yellow 150 Center
  • Can drop Extra Lives when killed
  • Rare to encounter
Big Yellow 300 Lower center (special)
  • Moves extra slow and stomps, producing shockwaves
  • Instead of hugging the player, it attempts to smash them with its arms, causing a damaging shockwave
  • Upon death, it falls to the ground with an even larger shockwave, which can damage other Huggables around it
  • Can drop Extra Lives when killed
  • Rare to encounter
Medium Orange 50 Lower center (special)
  • Moves very slow
  • Instead of hugging the player, it every so often charges at the player dealing high damage
  • Ram attack can damage other Huggables.
Ghost 20 Lower center (Special)
  • Can turn invisible for a short time where it cannot be seen nor damaged (is immune to Screen Clears for the duration)
WTF Huggable >300 Lower right
  • See link
Laser Turret 35 ?
  • Shoots a burst of 3 bullets with low damage
  • Can damage huggables
Missile Turret 45 ?
  • Shoots missiles with moderate damage and a slight AoE
  • Can damage Huggables

Game icons


The third (and current) icon


The first Icon

BB-1 has had a variety of different icons. The O.C.O. icon was the original icon. This was then changed a few months after the release to the icon with Oliver brandishing his machine gun. In 2011, this was changed to the icon of Riggs covered in Huggable blood, and is currently this icon for the full version.

Available soundtracks

Battle Bears -1 (Original Game Soundtrack) was released in July 4, 2010. It was copyrighted by SkyVu Pictures in 2010 in iTunes. Its genre of music is pop. 

1. I'm a Battle Bear (DJ Guest West Coast Mix)

2. I'm a Battle Bear (DJ Guest Snoop Mix)

3. The Right To Bear Arms (Reloaded Mix)

4. The Right To Bear Arms (Robotic Mix)

5. Enter The Ursa Major

6. Alert All Battle Bears!

7. Let's Do This!

8. Damn* Huggables! 

9. Tentacles!

10. Mecha-Bearzerker!

11. Get to the Pelican'ts!                          

12. The Mysterious Pink Planet                              



  • Wil's campaign is the only one that does not have a Boss Battle.
  • This game is currently unavailable on the Android Market.
  • It is the prequel to both Battle Bears Zero and Battle Bears Zombies.
  • This game is the first Battle Bears game that features Wil.
  • The Hyper Form of the Spreadshot seems to be called the Dreadshot, as shown in a picture at the above gallery.
  • This app is free as of the second release on the iTunes Store.

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