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Skins are a in game item that helps modify the appearance of the character. Please expand.

Name Character Release Version Description Image
Default Oliver 1.0 "Oliver has a secret love of cleaning. You'd be hard pressed to find Oliver without these threads'."

Oliver in BBU.

Gold Skin Oliver 1.3 "While Oliver was disposing some of Wil's more exuberant dishes into a landfill , he stumbled into Midas Tomb and was touched by long dead king. Leaving Oliver with a sweet new skin that makes everthing he does turn gold."

Picture of Oliver with the Gold Skin.


Riggs 1.0 "Sit back, relax and let the smooth sounds of Riggs knocking a bloke out soothe you to sleep."

Riggs in BBU.

Gold Skin Riggs 1.3 "Never asked to be idolized, it just happened he punched the last god of Shambhala into purgatory."

Picture of Riggs with the Gold Skin.

Viking Skin Riggs 1.0

Picture of Riggs with the Viking skin.

Guardian Riggs 1.0

Picture of Riggs with the Guardian skin.

Default Astoria 1.0 "Earned the nickname PlanetDoe after destroying the B-1000's Battle Sun."

Astoria in BBU.

Gold Skin Astoria 1.3 "When Astoria applied for her superhero status Quick Silver was already taken. So she took the next best thing, The Goldenrod.

Picture of Astoria with the Gold Skin.

Jumpsuit Skin Astoria 1.0

Picture of Astoria with the Jumpsuit Skin.

Burglar Skin Astoria 1.0

Picture of Astoria with the Burglar Skin.

Default Wil 1.0 "Made of an ultra high dense cotton, coated in military grade polyurethane to protect from any combination of food or drink Wil can get his hands on."

Wil in BBU.

Gold Skin Wil 1.3 "Wil Enjoyed his time so much in Battle Bears Gold that he decided to bring a skin with him... Well to honest he tried to sell them all to get the new GameLad 720U. The gold just proved too heavy to get to the store."
Gold skin Wil

Picture of Wil with the Gold Skin.


  • Gold skins are a special kind of skin in BBU, based off the ones from Battle Bears Gold. Each character has their own unique gold skin. They could only be acquired by former Battle Bears Gold players who either created a new account or registered an existing soft launch account sortly after release. Wearing a Gold skin when going into an Overclock will change the appearance of the Overclock.

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