B-1000 with the Axecutioner

The Axecutioner is the default melee for the Assault class. It is the blade of an axe attached to B-1000's arm. It deals 40 damage and does not have any Stat Modifiers.


Why carry an axe in your hand when you can replace your hand with an axe?

~ Official Battle Bears Gold description


  • It is a pun on "executioner", a person who executes people by the order of the law, originally with huge broad axes. Hence, executioners have become synonymous with large axes.
  • It was once tenatively called "Axe Time".
  • The beta description for the Axecutioner was "Smack you with axe, you go boom." This "you go boom" part of the description was added to every Assault weapon in the beta version as a joke before being changed.

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