Armor is a new basic format of accessories that is an improved version of skin templates but skins are still present in Battle Bears Overclock. Note that equipping Armor, despite its name, does not actually affect the player's stats. Each Skin Armor has a Helmet piece, a Body piece, a Leg piece, and an Arm piece. Four categories pertain to parts of a character. These four categories include:

  • Helmet

Helmets include hats, bandannas, kabutos, etc.

  • Body

This includes armor, chest plates, etc.

  • Legs

This includes but is not limited to, boots, and armored boots.

  • Arms

Objects such as gloves, armbands, and both combined are present. 

Armor is a brand new system of customisation that wasn't present in SkyVu's previous game, Battle Bears Gold. Armor is obtained via Mystery Boxes.

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